John (Viet-Triet) Hoa Nguyen

Artist. Graphic Designer. Advocate.

Topps "TacoFractor" MLB Card
Taco Bell Drag Brunch
Limited Edition Taco Packaging for Taco Bell
Taco Bell 'Season of Giving' Graphics and illustrations
Black Lives Matter
Band Together: Pride
A Single Man - Book Cover
My Abilities Outweigh My Disabilities T-Shirt
Pizza Hut Art
R.E.D. Marketing Book Cover
ONE® Condoms - Packaging Design
Pink Flamingos Film Art
What A Wonderful World II
Enjoy San Fransokyo
Adam Block Design Greek Apparel
"I Am Harvey Milk" album art concept
MenAlive Chorus Logo Rebranding
Extremities Artwork
Edna Motto: I Never Look Back Darling
Greta Mantleray Book - Maniac
The Limit Does Not Exist
Ameryka Poster for Critical Mass Performance Group
Danger Island Social Media Graphics
Kill Climate Deniers for Garage Theatre
Light Up Pins for MakerFaire 2014
Queer Eye - The Fab Five
George Sheehan: Play Is Life Lived.
Once Upon A Camp for RAD Camp OC
Pink Milk for The Garage Theatre
The TIGER vs. CHAOS for Mike's Harder
Gruesome Playground Injuries
Magazine Editorial Mock-Up: Born This Way Wedding
RAD Camp Map
Wheel of Inclusivity
RAD Camp Brochure
Be Rad! for RAD Camp OC
RAD Camp 2016: RAD RAD West
Vision of Love
Krystian Science Logo
Ken Cosgrove Severance
My (Rad) Abilities Outweigh My Disabilities
Blue Glasses Bakery Branding
Yosemite National Park Art Concepts
Surf Monkey Films Logo
Spread the Word To End The Word
Abel Tew: Year 01
Wet Hot American Summer ...The Play?
A LOT Long Beach Logo
Space Barbarian Productions Logo
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