Greta Mantleray is a world renown wellness guru, television host and author of best selling self-help books such as "Desaturation Therapy," "See Her, See You, See We," "Past Lives, Present Pain," and "I'm Okay, You're a Bitch." She was the former host of "150 minutes with Greta." Mantleray is currently residing in New York City a modern New York apartment with her man servant, Julio. 

Just kidding. 

Greta Mantleray is a fictional character played by actress Sally Field in the limited television series, "Maniac" on Netflix starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone. 

This is my personal fan art inspired by the events from the series. 

"Mantleray guides us towards a state of wellness free of stress and anxiety. This 3 step journey with her encourages us to explore the ideas of Human Agonia, Human Behavior and Human Confrontation. With past successful revelations from real life trials conducted during her reputable academic career, Mantleray guarantees life improvement after this journey." 

Process snapshot.
Screen captures from Maniac
"Maniac" a limited series now streaming on Netflix
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