Artwork inspired by one of the greatest comedies of all time, Mean Girls. Also selected for's Mean Girls Tshirt Collection. One of the characters from the film says, "The Limit Does Not Exist." relating to a math problem. I always considered this an inspirational quote meaning anyone can achieve anything they set their mind to because the possibilities in life are limitless!
Below is the artist statement I submitted along with the artwork:
"You can wear pink on Wednesdays. You can wear your ponytail once a week. You can wear your mom’s vintage skirt. You can try Sears! You can take your wig off when you’re drunk. You can sell moderately priced soaps, if it’s your calling. You can create artwork of the greatest people you’ll ever meet. You can play field hockey. You can take 12th-grade calculus. You can have girl world be at peace. You can be a cool mom. You can be a Mathlete. You can be a mouse, duh?! 
It’s your life. A grool life full of infinite possibilities. 
Trailer for Mean Girls: 
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