We, as supporters of Rad Camp of Orange County and those with disabilties around the world, passionately join R-WORD.org in the movement to "Spread the Word to End the Word." Help us raise awareness about the hurtfulness of the R-word by pledging and sharing your stories year round. The first Wednesday of March (March 4th, 2015) is the annual day of awareness. 
Why Pledge?
"The R-word is the word 'retard(ed)'. Why does it hurt? The R-word hurts because it is exclusive. It's offensive. It's derogatory. 
Our campaign asks people to pledge to stop saying the R-word as a starting point toward creating more accepting attitudes and communities for all people.  Language affects attitudes and attitudes affect actions.  Pledge today to use respectful, people-first language."
You can tweet / post a Facebook status with the following tweet-ready phrase: 
I pledge #Respect thru my words & actions. Will you? Pledge now to create communities of inclusion for people with ID http://r-word.org
You can also post the following graphics below created by members of the Creative Camp Collective:
Stay Tuned, more artwork will be added to this page very soon! This is a movement that should go on not just for one day, but all year long!
Graphics and art created by: Nora Frazier, Tzuni Lopez, John Salazar, and John Viet-Triet Hoa Nguyen
+ Visit www.R-WORD.org for more information, resources and opportunties to join in the community and movement.
+ Learn more about Rad Camp of Orange County and share your support!
Come back to this page soon! More artwork to be added to this page!
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