Despite my levels of awkwardness and my introvert personalitiy, I try to make new friends whenever and wherever I can. One friend I made sometime in 2014 was a friend named, Abel Tew. Here's his story.

My body started small and weak, but can I continue to grow larger and stronger?  I AM ABEL TEW.
My past can been seen as a dark and sad story, but can I smile with joy?  I AM ABEL TEW.
My skin is yellow and my hair is red, but will I not show my cowardly or angry side?  I AM ABEL TEW.
My vision is bad and I need glasses, but will always sense the beauty of the world? I AM ABEL TEW.
My garments are white and green, but will I never surrender to anyone? I AM ABEL TEW. 
My sneakers are cheap, but will I continue to run, dance and jump with all my might? I AM ABEL TEW. 
My looks are not that of a model, but can I still keep my charm? I AM ABEL TEW.
My mission in life is challenging, mysterious and scary, but can I accomplish anything? I AM ABEL TEW.
My disabilities tempt me to hold me back, but will I let my abilities shine? I AM ABEL TEW.
My current year can be back, but can I make my next year better? I AM ABEL TEW.
You can purchase a mug, a rug, tshirts and more items with Abel Tew at my Society6 Store @VietTriet
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