Mockup for Topps "Taco Fractor" Card in collaboration with Taco Bell. 
The "TacoFractor" Card created for Topps as part of Taco Bell's 2023 "Steal a Base. Steal a Taco." program. This was a special "Taco" edition of Topp's "Chrome" and "Cosmic Chrome" series of baseball cards. The TacoFractor Series started circulating in the Summer of 2023 featuring various MLB baseball players.

The TacoFractor Program: If you own a Tacofractor of the first player to steal a base in the 2023 World Series, you win FREE TACOS FOR LIFE. The prize will be awarded as a $15,000 digital Taco Bell gift card. 
Various versions of Taco Fractor card in the wild.
Various creative exploration prior to final design. 
3D animation announcement of TacoFractor program created by Topps: 
Program launch video from Topps website:
Program launch video from Topps via Instagram Reels:  
Screencaptures from Topps Instagram Reels program announcement.  

Topps Chrome and Cosmic Chrome card series available on Topps website.

TacoFractor can be found on eBay
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