I created two 'One Sheet' Movie posters for a film called 'THE PAINTER' presented by AMAROK PRODUCTIONS based in Chicago, Illonois. 
Photography by: Jonathan Gibby {http://jonathangibby.com}
Synopsis for the film: A boy, barely 12 years old, lives in a world of neverending violence. He is forced to become a soldier in the war around him, whose weapon of defense is his art - his sole means of survival is escape from the reality of the death that defines his existence. He is alone - abandoned for as long as he can remember. He begins this day like every other: quietly sipping a cup of coffee in his small kitchen, surrounded by newspaper clippings that chronicle the violence he faces each night. Amid wailing sirens and his police scanner squawking, he sits with paintbrush in hand at the ready. Tentatively, a voice asks him how he can live like this - the boy, saddened by the reality, reveals that this is the only world he knows; his first memories are holding his brush. To give him back his childhood, we must end the war on our streets. It's time for action. Step inside his art, his mind, his existence - a world at war. Are you ready? 
The Painter Official Website
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Check out the official trailer below:
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