"Michael's Buddies" / "Camp#3"  Painting
Acrylic on Canvas (48 x 24 in.)
"Summer 2001 marked my 4th Summer with ReCreation Camp and one could really never be disappointed with what camp has to offer. It is always a time for everyone to come together and just have the happiest of times. At camp; there is someone to dance and sing with, someone to laugh and have fun with and best part, someone who is there for you when you need it most. 

All of us at camp are very happy to have “Camp family” full of love and support. When you need a shoulder to lean on or a hug to make your day a little bit better, camp is always there!
There is always love in the Camp Family and it was no different this past summer when our friend, Michael, was not feeling his best. Sometimes, when things seem to go wrong or head toward a bad direction, the best thing to do, is to just share love, support, positive thoughts with one another and just pray for things to be the best they can be. 

With your buddy by your side, the day is always much better.."

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