California State University Fullerton was where I spent most of my college years and where I learn many things to become the artist and graphic designer I am today. I recently had the opportunity to design a T-shirt for the Arts Inter-Club Council at CSUF. As a person who has always had a passion for the arts (visual, performing and more..) wanted to create an image of a character that really represents the arts. Here was pitch for my design:

Fiyero Fullerton ...

 "I have the honor of introducing you to the fantastic Fiyero Fullerton. He is the image of pure joy and bliss when one immerses themselves in the arts. Fiero has had the passion for the arts at a young age and has been influenced by names like Fosse and Freud. Today, he wears his the Fullerton name proudly and he continues to motivated by artists like Fairey and The Fray. For tomorrow, he hopes his spirit will be an inspiration to all who look to the arts to fill their lives. Fight on lovers of fierce Fiyero!” 
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