These set of sketches are costume ideas created for an American Horror Story Costume Contest. American Horror Story is an anthology television series that centers on different characters and locations, including a haunted house, an insane asylum, a witch coven and a freak show and more. Scroll down below for some questions I had to answer as part of my design submission. 
Why did you decided to enter the contest?
I am a huge fan of the television series and I love the style of storytelling, the various pop culture and horror references, the characters and especially the art and design of the show. As a creative, I am always amazed by the presentation of the show as well as the obvious creativity that is put into the show. 

Explain your design, inspiration and story behind the costume: 
I call my costume “The Concealed Crustacean.” The costume contains a simple button up white shirt and skinny cut trousers with dress shoes. There are two main features of the costume is the hooded cape inspired by the cape garments worn by the exceptional girls from Season 3: Coven. The other feature are the claw-like cuffs which are inspired by the lobster hands from the character played by Evan Peters from the Season 4: Freak Show. The Cape is made of wool so it is a bit thicker to conceal from any cold and harsh weather conditions. It also has a hood to conceal the head and face when the owner of the costume needs to hide from danger. If needed, the hood could also be removed from the cape by unfastening the buttons. The cape is held on to the body by two larger buttons near the neck. The other two buttons are at the collar to hold collar up tall and closed as another means of concealment. The inner trim of the cape is a vibrant purple fabric that is special because of it mysterious ties to a royal family. The claws-like cuffs are made of a special type of metal and is securely fastened at the wrists and has 2 lobster/crab-like shielded planes that covers the hand on both sides. It acts as a cast for humans hands that are fragile and/or need extra protection. On the outside of the plans are smaller spike identical to the textures of the surfaces of crustacean creatures like lobsters and crabs, which can also be used to attack predators. This costume is the most stylish pick for any suspenseful and mysterious night on the town.
Your favorite AHS moment/costume:
The American Horror Story moment I always remember is the musical sequence from Season 2: Asylum where Jessica Lang’s character, Sister Jude hallucinates and goes back to her days as singer and starts to sing “The Name Game” her hallucination is mixed with heydays as a singer and the present time in which creates a fantastic dance party with all the guests of the Asylum moving and grooving to Jessica Lang's song. As for favorite costume? I really love all the various black ensembles worn in Season 3: Coven. 
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